About Us

Deep Roots Services is comprised of many members with the ability to meet every need outside of residential and commercial properties. Services include but are not limited to Lawn & Property, Trees Trimming & Removal, Irrigation & Sprinklers, Landscape Design & Installation, Pump & Well Installation, Stump Grinding Service, Project Grading & Leveling, Land Clearing Services, Fertilizer & Pesticides, Pressure Cleaning, Landscape Lighting Installation & More. Our organization is built upon 4 main pillars, Integrity, Character, Accountability, and Responsibility. Through these 4 pillars, we are able to offer you high quality services that meet your every need, enabling you to enjoy the home you work so hard for. Give us a call today to book an appointment! One of our experienced representatives will come out and explain to you the difference we can make helping you achieve peace of mind.